Meet Our Team

Meet Our Administrators

Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy’s (MGLVA’s) administrators are committed to ensuring students receive a great education. From providing helpful tools and strategies to using a rigorous curriculum and offering excellent parent support, we do all we can to provide students with a well-rounded, quality education. In addition, we consistently support teaching staff as they work with students.

Kendall Schroeder, Head of School

Originally from Hersey, Michigan, Kendall Schroeder graduated from Central Michigan University and began his teaching career in a traditional public school, teaching 1st grade. He became intrigued by the charter school movement and jumped at the chance to be a part of something new and exciting. Mr. Schroeder served as principal of Crossroads Charter Academy for several years. He was also able to be a part of Michigan’s first state championship by a charter school, serving as head coach of the 2004 and 2005 State Champion Girls Cross Country teams. Mr. Schroeder has taken on a new challenge as a part of another start up—Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy. This virtual environment allows him to help families that he hasn’t been able to help in a brick-and-mortar setting. He is honored to be a part of this new endeavor!

Joel Szekely, Operations Manager

Lisa Bezjian, Office Administrator

Laura Miller, Registrar

Cassie Bush-Gendron, Special Education Registrar

Anne Harkema-Penn, School Data Analyst

Ashley Conrad, School Base Enrollment Coordinator

Denise Giltz, School Operations Support Specialist

Angela Brandenburg, Accounts Payable

Noemi Lepley, K5 Academic Administrator

Denise Englehart, K5 Assistant Academic Administrator 

Stephanie Weber, K5 Assistant Academic Administrator 

Anthony Kinkle, MS Academic Administrator

Andrea Cannon, HS Academic Administrator

Tiffany Fishel, HS Assistant Academic Administrator

John Mullin, HS Assistant Academic Administrator

Brandon Seaver, Special Programs Manager

Lori Johnson, Career Readiness Academic Administrator

Kirstin Miller, Student Support Administrator/Title IX Coordinator/Foster Care Liaison/Migrant Liaison

Rochelle Jefferson, K-12 Student Resource Coordinator/Homeless Liaison

Maureen Bowyer, K-8 Student Resource Coordinator

Taylor Lenderink, 9-12 Student Resource Coordinator

Elisha Austin/Sara Mrozowsky/Kara Showerman/Molly Zolianbawi, Guidance Counselors

Mallory Hughes, Child Find/504 Coordinator

The K12-powered career readiness program formerly known as Destinations Career Academy is now career and college prep.