Counseling Opportunities

Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy will provide all students with a developmentally appropriate comprehensive school counseling program. The school counseling program guides students through a systematic approach to developing the academic, personal/social and career skills of each student. Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy will use a combination of curriculum, web-based tools, and strategies that have demonstrated success. The school counseling program is a key piece of school’s mission to make all students college and career ready as they prepare for the complex demands of the 21st century.  Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy will offer the following components to support our comprehensive school counseling program:

Career assessment, exploration, and skills development

Individual and group counseling services for all students on personal/social issues

Study skills as determined by needs assessment

Developmental guidance curriculum to promote the academic success and personal growth of every student

Parent outreach, education, and support services, facilitating community resources and referral programs

Individualized academic advisement and graduation planning, ensuring all students graduation on time with the most rigorous course selection

College and postsecondary education counseling and web tools that guide students through the preparation, selection, application, and admissions processes